Hey- this place is pretty public! How can I have a private event here?!

You’re right! Although we’re a privately held venue, we’re an extremely public place. We even have a public library! With your rental, you’re guaranteed to have exclusive access to certain aspects of our venue- for example, the upstairs ballroom and the kitchen. During library hours, the washroom facilities are considered public. If your event takes place during library hours, expect that library patrons will be using the washroom. Even when our hall is booked for private events, you’ll see people hanging around on our front lawn, and maybe even a few wedding parties taking pictures. We require that our renters respect the fact that this is a Community Hall, and we can’t simply close off the property to all visitors. That being said, if you’ve rented the hall for a wedding and you find yourself fighting for photo time with another wedding party, simply ask the visiting wedding party to step aside while you complete your photos, and kindly let them know you’ve rented the hall.


What is the capacity of the hall?

180 at tables, 200 for “concert style” seating.


Do you offer any services, like catering or decorating?

We don’t. We’re are simply a  venue. We do have an outside contractor that will put away tables and chairs at the end of the night, and remove your garbage. This service is independent of your contract price.


Do you recommend vendors or caterers?

We don’t publicly endorse any specific vendors. However, if you’re looking for suggestions, just speak with our hall manager and she’ll let you know who we’ve had success with in the past.


What are the dimensions of the hall?

The main hall is 39′ x 61′

The stage is 15′ x 25′

The downstairs meeting room is 18′ x 25′


What’s included in my rental?

It depends on the category of your rental. For most large events, all tables and chairs are included. We have both round and rectangular tables for the capacity of the hall. You must provide your own chair covers, if needed.

What kinds of events are commonly held at the hall?

Movies, weddings, community meetings, dance classes, small concerts, antique auctions, small festivals, craft fairs, bar mitzvahs, graduation ceremonies, fashion shows, random gatherings of townsfolk with pitchforks…the usual.


How long in advance do I need to book?

We usually open up bookings about two years in advance. Give us a call when you have a date in mind and we’ll let you know what’s up!


What are the rates for booking the hall?

It depends. Are you looking to hold a meeting downstairs in our meeting room, or are you looking to rent out the entire facility, kitchen and all? We offer discounted rates for non-peak days, and for groups wanting to rent the hall on a regular basis (ex. For regular dance classes)

NOTE: While we are happy to provide adjusted rates for groups looking to rent out only part of the hall for an event, or for regular rentals, your rental may transferred to one of our partners at the Fort Langley Lions Hall, or another local venue should an entire hall booking be requested. To request a reduced rate, please fill out the form here, and return to us by email.


Any hidden fees?

Nope! Everything is made perfectly clear in your contract price. Please be aware, we do strictly enforce our smoking policies. If cigarette buts are found on our property at the end of your event, you will be charged the clean-up fees as stated in the contract addendum signed.


Does the hall have a built in sound system?

No. Most events provide their own sound equipment. That stated, there is a small system perhaps available for an extra cost for the rental of the equipment. However you must hire our system approved, outside contractor to operate it, minimum 4 hours. This service is independent of your contract price. This person will NOT be your DJ or music selector / mixer. This person is intended for live band music and host microphones only.


Does the hall have a built in stage lighting system?

Yes. However you must hire our system approved, outside contractor to operate it, minimum 4 hours. This service is independent of your contract price. There is an extra cost for the rental of the equipment. This service is independent of your contract price. Most events provide their own stage lighting equipment. Please note: the lights are focused (aimed) at the actual stage and will NOT be adjusted to point at the head table or elsewhere in the hall.


Can I decorate the hall?

Absolutely. However, restrictions apply. We want to preserve our hall for generations to come. No pushpins or nails can be placed into any walls or fixtures, and any damage caused will be deducted from the mandatory damage deposit. Only masking tape can be used to affix things to the walls. For those wishing to hang lighting, cables have been installed into the ceiling to allow for this. Leave our hall as pretty as you found it.


Can I serve liquor at my function?

Yes. However, you are responsible acquiring the appropriate licenses, and providing them to us  in advance of your event. Just remember- you’re liable. Drink responsibly.


Do I have to get a SOCAN license?

Yes. It is generally included in your contract price


I’ve changed my mind. I’ve paid my deposit, but want to cancel my booking.

We’re sorry to hear that. In the event that you wish to cancel your hall reservation with us, your deposit is considered non-refundable. However, if we are able to secure a booking of the same kind for the same day as your cancellation, we may refund part or all of your deposit. We are a not-for-profit society running strictly on volunteers. We rely almost exclusively on revenue from bookings to remain operational. If we have to turn away bookings due to your reservations, and then you cancel, that doesn’t leave us in a good spot. We understand that some things are beyond your control, and we’ll work with you as best we can.

I’m not sure if I want to book the hall. Can I view it first?

For sure! Just fire us off an email, and we’ll let you know our available viewing times.


Is the Fort Langley Community Hall haunted? (actual question)

Not that we know of. But feel free to tell your friends that it is full of ghosts before you host that epic Hallowe’en party inside our “spooky” walls.

We’re a not-for-profit society/charity/save the whales foundation. Can we have the hall for free?

Probably not. Don’t get us wrong- we love the whales. Being a not-for-profit ourselves, we understand the struggles. To request a reduced rate, please fill out the form here, and return to us via email. Requests for reduced rates are dealt with on a monthly basis, so please have your requests submitted well in advance.


Do those really cool string lights on the ceiling, pictured in the gallery, come with the rental?

Unfortunately not. Somebody just left them up after their wedding, and they were still there when our photographer came. We turned them on cause they looked nice 🙂


What’s with the maroon bar/kitchen upstairs?

Yeah yeah. Not the prettiest. Guess what? We’ve recently renovated it. It now has a triple bar fridge, a full size fridge, new stainless steel sinks and counters and a small commercial oven. It’s also painted in the same white as the rest of the ballroom, so it flows together. It’s pretty awesome. We’ll put new pictures up soon. We promise


I want to use the balcony- but I see in the pictures, there’s a bunch of stuff up there!

Not anymore! It’s empty!