project-365-fall-seven-20101109-1The Fort Langley Women’s Institute was established in 1914, and remained an active part of the community of Fort Langley for many years.

The Women’s Institute movement began in Ontario in 1897. The Founder and first president was Mrs Adelaide Hoodspith who saw the need for for women across the country to meet, discuss common problems, and work together for their homes and their country. Groups formed to enable women to further their skills, take part in wide ranging activities, and campaign on issues that mattered to them and their communities.

Today there are branches all over the world working with their Canadian motto “for home and country” and using their colours- green, white and gold; Green for the forests, white for the snowcapped mountains and gold for the riches that safeguard homes, the treasures and hearts of a nation. Across Canada members include daughters of pioneers, First Nations women, and ‘new Canadians’ who bring their customs and cultures to blend with the old and create new life and interests.